Wedding Day Photography Tips


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Tips  1:
One of the most instructive tips Ive been given related to Wedding Photography is to get the couple to think ahead about the shootings that theyd like you to capture on the day and compile a list so that you can assure them off. This is especially cordial in the family shots. Theres nothing worse than getting the photos back and realising you didnt photograph the happy couple with grandma!.


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Tips  2:
I feel the family photo portion of the day can be quite stressful. People are going all over, youre unaware of the different household dynamics at play and people are in a festive spirit (and have often been drinking a few spirits) to the item where it can be quite disorderly. Get the couple to nominate a family member (or one for each side of the family) who can be the director of the shoot. They can round out everyone up, help get them in the shot and keep matters moving so that the couple.

Tips  3:
Sojourn the locations of the different seats that youll be shooting before the big day. While Im sure most Professionals dont do this I find it truly useful to know where were going, have an idea of a few places for shots and to know how the light might come into play. On one or two weddings I even visited locations with the couples and took a few test shots (these made nice engagement photos).

Tips  4:
Thus much can go wrong on the day so you need to be well prepared. Have a substitute plan (in case of inclemency), have batteries charged, memory cards blank, think about routes and time to get to places and get an itinerary of the full day so you know whats taking place next. If you can, take care the dry run of the observance where youll collect a great deal of great info about possible places to shoot from, the lighting, the order of the observance etc.


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Tips  5:
Display them your work mode. Discover what they are desirous achieve, how many shots they want, what key affairs they want to be recorded, how the shots will be used (print etc). If youre charging them for the event, ensure you’ve gotten the agreement of price in situ up front.
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