Wedding is a part of life. By wedding we are start a new life with another person who will stay Imagewith us till dead. In our world everyone get wedding. So, it is very necessary to capture all the moment of wedding. There is much photography in our world. But we are always choosing wedding photography because it is giving us best quality ever. We can keep the joyful moment of our wedding ceremony by the help of wedding photography.

A professional photographer also wants to be a wedding photographer because there he can get best opportunity for him. There is also wild photography. In wild photography, a photographer has to shoot in jungle. He has to capture the wild life by practically going there. In jungle there are deadly tigers, lions, snake and many others. By avoid all the fears he has to capture this. This is really a risky job for everyone. And a number of persons don’t want to be a wild photographer.

Wedding photography is better than others.  It will help a man to be a best photographer. In wedding, a wedding photographer has to shoot all beautiful moments those are happening in a wedding ceremony. There is the most beautiful wedding couple. In a wedding ceremony there are coming many people. They are posing for a photo before and after wedding with their best clothes. Many people don’t pose for their best picture. After 1860 many couples starting pose for the best picture of their and with their best dress. Sometimes they hired a wedding photographer in a wedding venue for capture photo in their wedding. Everyone is coming with a gorgeous make up and a wedding photographer has to shoot or capture it. The wedding  couple of wedding ceremonyImage is kiss each other and a wedding photographer has to shoot it and it is the most beautiful moment of a wedding ceremony. Many emotional moments are happening in a wedding ceremony. He has to capture it on his camera. Camera is a heart for a camera man or a photographer. A wedding photographer loves his camera more than his own life.

In photography, there is a golden history. Color photography became available from the beginning of the 20th century. But it was very expensive for all. So much photography is capture in black and white category. After the Second World War the wedding event are being popular. Before Second World War the event are not get a well known from everyone.

We are choosing wedding photographer for getting the best opportunity. A wedding photographer can give us better service than others. We can keep touching with our sweet past by capture photo by a wedding photographer.


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